Safety of cheerleading

cheerleading pyramid Believe it or not people, this sport actually requires a lot of safety precautions. Think about it… There’s flipping around over your head, being thrown in the air, and many other dangerous things.

First let’s address what kind of injuries that are common among cheerleaders. The most common injuries are sprains or broken ankles. This is due to the way people are landing from their tumbles. You really have to pay attention to how hard you are on your ankles because they’re the most important thing when it comes to this sport. If you strained a ligament you will not be able to cheer for a while. It is crucial that you know how to land your tricks properly so that something like this doesn’t happen. This is something that I learned about from one of my old cheering mentors Joseph. I learned a lot about safety from him and I’m very thankful for it. I wish I could practice with him but unfortunately he retired from the cheer scene. Now he’s running a carpet cleaning business instead. Please support his page because he has much support for me. Anyway, getting back on track here (haha). I will now share with you a quick tip of how to land without hurting your feet.

Tip one: whenever you are doing A very fast multi Tumble routine, you want to make sure to land from The balls of your feet, rolling back to the heels. What this does is let’s do wait distribute evenly upon your legs so that it doesn’t send a shock through your ankles. When you land something abruptly, it will sort of Jult to your whole body.

There is one more common but also more serious situation that occurs when cheerleading. That is getting tossed in the air and dropped on the floor, which you should never allow to happen.

Getting thrown in the air by your teammates is probably one of the most dangerous stunts you can perform when cheering. It is a very easy one to mess up when somebody is not paying attention. So you need to make sure that if you’re ever in the midst of hurling Mandy in the air so that she can do A few cool flips that you understand the difference between when she’s going up versus when she is coming down. There are some very nasty injuries that can occur when you do not catch your teammate. Such as A simple broken leg, to a very life threatening snapped neck.

In the end, I would really love to see people do you cheer without having to be injured. The only way we can avoid this epidemic is it for all of us use our common sense. Now, if you see somebody doing something stupid that’s going to get them hurt or is doing a stunt him properly, please feel free to correct them on it. This way we can ensure a very safe and fun cheerleading environment.

Thanks everybody.

A sport or not?

You know lately I’ve heard a lot of controversy over cheerleading being a sport or not. You can go ahead and think what you want. The answer to the question is that cheerleading is definitely a sport. What part makes it not a sport?
Of course you all might say,”Angie, the cheerleading team is just a bunch of preppy girls that dance around for the football players to make them look better.” That statement right there is definitely not true because there is competition in cheer. We really just use the football games as practice for us because we need to spend as much time working on our moves for our competitions.
There is your basic high school cheerleading team, but then what happens from there is the top 10 girls from the team are picked out to go on the All-Star team. The All-Stars on the top cheerleaders from the school that going to represent and compete all the way up to nationals. It starts at districts, then goes to regional’s. After those two competitions we have a little bit of a break to get ready for the first state meet. Then after that there is a second competition at the state level. At this one, the top three teams in the state battle it out and the winner represents Ohio to go to the nationals show.
Nationals is absolutely insane, it consists of a 10 day festival with top 50 teams in the nation go head to head for the tile. We go through round after round and routine after routine until we climb all the way to the top to grab that first place trophy. I never got the chance to win first when I was in the fleet for Mason high school. I did get to experience competing though, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my whole entire life.
So if your a cheerleader and you’re reading this right now, do not let anybody tell you that cheer is not a sport. We all work just as hard as anybody else does, probably even more than the football team. Therefore remember to keep your passion alive and do not stop until you achieve the title for the number one team in the nation.

Fundraising Tips

Hey peeps today we will be talking about running a fundraiser for your cheer team in high school so that you can raise some money for a big trip.

Taking trips out-of-state if you make it to something like nationals often times end up costing the team a lot of money.  I mean think about it…there typically tend to be about somewhere between 15 and 30 cheerleaders on the team. We’re talking you know good 20 round-trip flights right there. Not to mention the cost to stay in the hotel. Oh yeah and the cost for renting cars, paying for food, competition fees honestly the list goes on and on. So good way to bring quite a bit of revenue in is to have many different fundraisers that go on during the year. In this blog today I will share with you a few ideas that we used to do when I was on the cheer team.
1) car wash- this is a very great way to raise a little bit of money, I mean who doesn’t want to see a lot of cute teenage girls washing their car. Especially when it only costs about five dollars, that’s about half of how much it is at a drive-through car wash. That’s a good price point for anybody and I guarantee that if you guys put on one of these events you will get at least 50 customers in one day.  Take that idea and do it for a few weekends and walla, you’ve made a few thousand dollars.
2) A school raffle- just another idea for you here. I know that Mason high school has about 4000 students. You could do something simple like Have the school handout 25 parking passes for free. When I was there, A parking pass and was a good $65 for the year. I guarantee that if any of the students saw a raffle ticket for a parking pass for two dollars that everybody would sign up. So think that probably out of those 4000 about 1000 drive. If we do the math it would most likely equate out somewhere between two or $3000 for the team.
3) Candy bar sale- This One is my personal favorite. When we used to do fundraisers this idea right here made us thousands of dollars for the team. In fact for one year this is the only thing we did to raise money and we gathered up about double of what we needed for the year. They sell a box of candy bars with about 30 in it at Costco for $10 and then you guys sell them for one dollar each. That’s $20 profit per box, and I know that you’ll sell all 30 in about two hours at school.
4) A free night with the limo- This is another raffle drawing type deal. Back in the day the team and I Did this one and we raised $6000 in one week. Each ticket was about five dollars and everybody bought one. The only thing we had to pay for was the limousine and that was about $400. So intern we walked away with about $5600 net profit. The cool thing about the fundraiser money if you don’t have to pay any taxes on it either.

The Basic Stunts

Today’s blog post is going to be a how-to on your basic cheerleading stunts that you need to know. There are many complicated moves when it comes to the sport. Most of them you will learn in time, but there are a few you need to know how to do to get started. Instead of the rambling on that are usually do ha ha, this time I’ll dive right in.

1) The first stunt we are going to talk about here is the back tuck. This is similar to a backflip but not exactly the scene. The first thing you want to do when learning the back touch is developing your flexibility. Think about it this way, the more flexible you are the easier it’ll be. This is because you will be able to reach that very far when you bend your back. After you have developed your flexibility you want to practice your straight up jumps.

After you’ve built up a strong vertical jump you are now ready to work on The actual Backflip portion. The jump height is very important because it is the determining factor in you having enough air time to actually do the flipping part of the stunt. Now all you have to do for the last part is when you’re in the air stick your head back, put your hands on your legs, and commit. Doing everything in order just like I told you Will build up momentum in a backwards motion and before you know it you’ll have done a complete flip backwards. It’s actually very simple, the hardest thing about it is overcoming your fear of hurting yourself. The chances of that are low though so remember to just commit to the motion with confidence. That is the only way you Will be able to complete the stunt.

2) The next move we will be covering is the front handspring. This is much more simple than the back tuck. All it is is putting your hands down on the ground in front of you and then vaulting yourself the rest of the way over until you land back on your feet. Start by doing it forward somersault with your hands planted on the ground. Once you have done that and got it down, it’s time to do the real thing.

What you should do at this point is place some mats down and actually practicing front flips. Once you have perfected those meaning you can lend it every time. All you have to do now is basically act like you’re doing a front words flab but simply add your hands touching the ground into the mix. You will need a running start to do this.

3) Last but not least is probably the hardest stunt in the lineup and that is the back handspring. This is the one where flexibility really comes into play. You really want to build up your ability to reach back and touch the ground with your hands with out moving your legs. You can build this up by practicing something that’s called a bridge. You can do this by placing both your hands and feet on the ground, spread out from each other, and pushing the middle of your abdomen up into the air. Keep doing this stretch until you can literally bend over backwards and touch your hands to the ground from a standing position. After that is accomplished you are now ready to do a backhand spring. With your newfound flexibility, this move will be easy. All you have to do is bend back like you have been doing and just finishing the rest of the rotation.

Now that you have all three stunts dialed in, it’s time to put them altogether into one major move. This will be called a sequence. What you will do is do a front handspring twist into a backhand spring, followed by four more backhand springs, and ending with a clean back tuck. If you do this with a lot of speed and momentum it will be very easy.


The necessary costs to start

Cheerleaing Mason
In this next segment, we are going to talk about the certain costs
that are involved with cheerleading. I got some of my inspiration for this blog from good people over at The CSM. Take some time to see what they have to say.
This is a sport that is kind of expensive to startup but the prices can range do to a number of factors. The biggest thing that goes into play is how early of an age you want to start at. The earlier you start the more expensive it is going to be. This is due to the costs of coaching. Younger kids usually tend to learn thing a little slower, so it takes a bit more tutoring to get them on the right track to success. If the person starts in the time they reach high school than most likely, all of the coaching fees will be covered by the basic sports team payments.
The other thing that might play a big factor is the cost for all of the equipment. There are uniforms, Pom-poms, and bags. There is also the cost of traveling to put into the equation as well. That all depends on how well the team does, if they go to state or anything higher than that you can expect to pay some pretty hefty fees so to speak. Conversely, if they do poorly there won’t be very much money involved.
The last part and probably the most expensive is for the cheerleader to go to cheer camp. This is something that is completely optional, but I would highly recommend that if you want to be a great cheerleader, you invest the time and money that it takes to go to camp every year as well as private coaching. The money involved with going to camp can be a very high or low amount, it all depends on how long you want to go for. The same goes for lessons, with those it depends on the quality of teacher, how many times you go for training every week, and how long you decide to take them for.
The bottom line is cheer is quite an expensive sport to do. You will most likely have to spend quite a bit of time and money to truly get the results you want. Don’t get it wrong though, I knew plenty of girls who cheered with me that let’s say… Didn’t exactly have the greatest upbringings. They were still able to participate because of all the various scholarship programs that are offered. By this I mean financial aid that is offered for people who don’t necessarily have the money to put into it. There was a little bit out-of-pocket got those girls had to pay, but it was not enough to break the bank. Those funding programs actually covered most of the investment involved. All that being said, there should really be nothing holding you back from going out making you cheering dreams a reality.
So if you are reading this article right now and are currently on the fence about joining. Go ahead and make the decision to do it because I guarantee that it is something that will change your life for the better.
Once again, thanks for taking your time to read the information I have provided you today. I wish all the best to the up and coming, and remember to check in every now and then for weekly posts.
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The Greatest experience I’ve ever had.

My short four years at Mason High School were some of the best years of my life. I met many friends, created awesome relationships with my teachers, and experienced all my favorite classes. I had basically done everything that any ordinary high school student experiences, but there was nothing that affected me in the way that being a part of the cheer team did. We were on the most amazing adventures together as a team. My absolute favorite time was the beach trip we took when I was a junior. I had so much fun with my team members and coaches. We had gotten to travel all the way to the California coast and stay In a four star hotel right on Malibu beach. The whole trip lasted about six days and we all went on the some of the most amazing excursions. My favorite of all was on the second to last day when we all went to Jetski’s for the whole day. That was one of the greatest days of my life and the trip is something that I will never forget. That is just the beginning to all the fun times I had with the team. There is way too much to write In one article. The point that I am getting towards though is that when you join the Mason cheer team, what you are joining is more than just an after school sport. It is a family and community where you get to share your story and have an opportunity to grow with many people that are just like you. This will make your high school experience a more memorable time as well as possibly leading you to opportunities even passed your high school education.cheerleading mason

There is no other program out there like Mason has to offer and you guys are extremely lucky to have it available to you. Cheerleading is something that anybody can do, all it takes is the right mind and the right work ethic and anyone can succeed.

Assuming that everyone has enjoyed what I have been writing, I will be putting up more very soon.

The basics to cheer leading

Cheer is the world’s greatest sport in my opinion. It is one of the most difficult and intricate sports ever created. Cheer looks simple but that is definitely not the case. There are so many factors that go into play when it comes to a great cheer leader. From your dance routine all the way to your back tuck, everything has to be spot on. It sounds crazy, like there is too much to learn in one period of time and chances are that you’re every confused right especially if you are new to the sport. That’s okay though, because teaching young people is what this blog is dedicated to. A famous cheerleader by the name of Bianca LaRussa once told me that if you watch others around you and model what they do, you will see much improvement. Go ahead and check out her page when you have some extra time.

Anyway…Continuing on with what I was talking about earlier, you are most likely overwhelmed at this point, but let’s start with the fundamentals. In the rest of this post, I will be teaching you about what you need to know in order to impress the coaches at your first tryout for the team.

Here is everything you will need to be prepared

  1. Attitude- This alone is probably the most important factor when it comes to being an outstanding cheer leader. No matter how good you are at flipping and dancing around if this part of the equation is not on point you will be lost for sure. Key: You are a (cheer leader) so your job is keep up the high spirits of the crowd at the sporting events even when things aren’t looking so hot for the home team. The only way you can do that is by always staying in a positive peaked state. Keep this in mind for the tryouts as well because I guarantee you that the coaches will be focusing more on this aspect of you than everything else.
  2. Keeping in shape- For the sport of cheer you must be in top physical shape at all times. The moves you will be required to learn are very physically strenuous and demanding. I recommend getting on at least a three day per week fully body workout regime. This will ensure that your muscles will be able to handle all the stress you will be putting on them soon.
  3. Keep your head held high-  Meaning do not things get to you. Cheer leading is a very demanding sport. There will be times in practice when you get critiqued on just about anything you can imagine. It will be hard to get used to getting told what to do. But the coaches are ust doing that to further you as a leader yourself.

Practice Practice Practice- Practicing religiously is by far the most important thing that you can do. Anybody can be a great cheer leader, but it takes a ton of hard work and dedication to get there. So if you can be that one person that pushes just a little harder and puts in 120% in everything they do. I assure that you will be the most skilled person on the team in no time.

So those are the basic fundamentals to cheer leading right there. Remember to follow the set of guidelines that I have given you exactly how they are said and you are guaranteed to have success. I hope that you enjoyed the writing piece for the day. For more articles coming daily, remember to visit the home page.

Check Out the New Blog

Hello people, come see my new website titled Mason Cheerleading, Just was wanting to say hi to everyone, my name is Angie and I am a former cheerleader from Mason High School in Ohio. This blog is a dedicated to the history of the cheer team. If you would like to know more about me you can look at a short biography over here.

I had many fun times while i was a student at Mason High School, But nothing matches up to my experiences and memories as a cheerleader there. You really have to step back for a second and thank the coaches for their hard work and determination. Being part of that amazing team taught me very man valuable lessons. I made so many friends that are still by my side today. I really hope that if any of the current students are reading this blog that it will encourage them to become cheerleaders. I guarantee the young girls and boys too of course to join as soon as they can and stick with it because I promise that joining will change their lives.  There is a great importance for the cheer community around the school. The leaders are the spirit of the sporting events there. A football game just wouldn’t be the same without them. Mason Cheer provides many opportunities for young girls and boys who are looking for a sport to do but haven’t found the right pick for themselves yet.

In addition to reflecting on the memories of the fun times as a cheerleader. Anyone reading the content on this website will soon find within the coming weeks that I will be making quite a few posts giving advice for cheer as well. If you are looking at this post right now. Just think of the site as your own personal guidebook.

I am always taking requests for new material to post. So if you have suggestions for what you think i should write about please let me know

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